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About YanTech

YanTech Associates are a niche headhunting firm with highly ambitious growth plans, specialising solely within the IT & Engineering markets.

With over 15 years of experience across our senior leadership team, YanTech Associates provides Consulting, Staffing, and Recruiting services to our Clients and Candidates. We are on a mission to promote technological growth in organisations across Europe and the US. Most of our work involves the constant Development of FTSE 100 companies, but we also focus on the smaller innovative companies to help create the future of technology.

Our Services


Our contingent service is used for finding the top 1% of permanent employees worldwide.


When time is tight and the workload is heavy, a Contractor may be the most viable option to ensure deadlines are hit. Our staff have multiple Contract/Freelancers who can often start immediately and hit the ground running.


Our executive search team has vast access to executive leadership and a C-Suite network ensuring that we can efficiently place even the most challenging and Senior positions. We have 1st line connections with Directors, CEOs, CTOs, and VPs across the globe.


Our Partnership model is our most popular option to promote long-term relationships with our clients. How is this different? The vacancies under the partnership model will become our number one priority, and consequently will have an entire team dedicated to placing these positions in record time.